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Our Mission

Here at Darkcast our main goal is to get indie podcasts recognized for their hard work and great content. So many podcasts are wonderful gems that get lost in the shuffle of podcasts that are on the top of the charts. We love those shows as much as the next person but at the same time, we know a lot of independent podcasters' shows need that recognition and love as well.

As indie podcasters, they do all of the work on their own with no help. That means they do all of the research, writing, hosting, editing, producing and more with no writers or audio engineers, etc.

We have creative ideas to get these podcasts noticed and drive more traffic towards them!

At the moment, Darkcast is focusing on USA and Canada indie podcasts. In the future, the network will be branching out internationally. The reason for this is to ensure Darkcast can do just as much for international podcasts that the network will be doing for North American ones. So, hang tight! Darkcast will be international as soon as possible!

Darkcast wants indie podcasts to be just as successful as the big names you've come to know and love.

Darkcast Network is here to showcase, promote and help out indie podcasts that are about true crime, conspiracy theories, the paranormal and other obscure topics.

The network prides itself in the way the founders communicate with the podcasters, help them out with anything they may need, take suggestions and discuss ideas that can make the network better! Here at Darkcast, we also encourage all of the podcasters to give any input they have, ask questions, etc. The founders want the podcasters on the network to be involved in all aspects because this is all about them and for them.

Darkcast puts the podcasters first and will do anything to see them succeed! 

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